Training & Certification

The Hypertable training and certification programs provide an easy way for you and your organization to quickly gain broad knowledge and expertise in the use and management of the Hypertable open source database system.


The training program is designed for operations engineers and developers, giving them a complete understanding of the capabilities of Hypertable so that they can fully exploit the technology to build and manage successful big data applications.  The program consists of two full days of hands-on training covering all aspects of Hypertable.  An overview of the training schedule and topics covered are as follows.

Day 1 - Introduction, Architecture, Installation, Upgrading, Cluster Administration, HQL Tutorial, Monitoring, Configuration, Performance Optimization

Day 2 - Advanced Features, Schema Design, ThriftBroker, API Overview, Code Examples, Hardware Provisioning, Troubleshooting

The program is offered quarterly in Sillicon Valley, USA and Munich, Germany.  Arrangements can also be made for the training to be held on-site and tailored specifically to your organization's preferred operating system and operations environment, whether it be a private datacenter or public cloud.

Hypertable Certified Engineer

Becoming a Hypertable Certified Engineer (HCE) will help validate that you have the comprehensive skill set and technical proficiency to bring Hypertable into any organization, helping them to fully exploit the technology to build high value, next-generation big data applications.  The course is held over a four week period and includes the two-day training followed by three one-day weekly classes.  The course includes material not covered in the standard training program, including:

  • Greater depth in schema design
  • Application Design Patterns
  • Filesystem Installation and Tuning
  • Disaster recovery

An examination will be held at the end of the course to verify that you've acquired the requisite knowledge and expertise.  Upon successful completion of the course, you will be issued an official certificate, signed by an officer of Hypertable, Inc.

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